The Magus is the Sovereign being who has experienced the transforming phenomenon of direct connection with Holy Light and is now a transmitter of the light participating (Rancher) in the unfolding Quantum Speciation of Mother earth & Father sky.

Magus-Rancher (gardener)

The 3 Wise men of the Bible were also known as Magi. They engaged with the dance of the Star of Bethlehem, to make known the Unknown. They also spent their time studying ancient lore to make known the Great Principle, natural time and the fountains of true freedom and agelessness that flow all around and through us, but are also unknown.  The Magus is a student of philosophy and natural power, and also studies the art of engaging with the Garden she/he is made of- the Rancher. The Magus Rancher is the one who can orchestrate the winds and the waves to make known the future of ourselves and our next 7 generations.

The Magus-Rancher is the mind-gladiator of the future and has volunteered herself/himself for the lofty cause of living her/his own personal legend , giving of herself/himself to know that which cannot be known this very moment, the unheard of, the Quantum speciation. The Magus-Rancher through volunteering herself/himself has become charitable. The Magus-Rancher KNOWS that she/he has not ever been kicked out of the Garden and is here to interact and engage in dancing with it for the benefit of all who follow.

The Magus-Rancher will usher in 1000 years of true freedom, peace, & prosperity for all.

The Warrior/Hero/Intern is one who:

Takes the first step on the journey to Magus-Rancher and

Discovers the power of fearlessness by writing her/his own story while practicing the art of engaging with the Garden/Ranch entrusted to her/him at birth for the benefit of our next 7 generations.

The Shaman/Alchemist/Residency is one who:

Flowed through Warrior/hero/intern training and now

Unflinchingly walks up to the gates of his/her own hell, steps into hell and transfors the lead of trauma/dis-ease  into the gold of living their personal legend/contract through the actions of training in specialized crafts to care for each other, our Garden and our descendants.

The Sage/Seer/Mystic/Residency is one who:

Has healed their wounds, and now

Walks softly in the Garden, perceives only beauty and continues the practice of engaging with the Garden to take care each other, and our descendants

The Magus-Rancher:

Is thriving in true freedom, bathing in the luxurious fountains of liberty and the Quantum foam of time- being charitable so that all may live and bathe in true freedom with the Quantum foam of time.


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