The Laws of Rhythm & Vibration

Fourth Chakra
Sacred Truth: Love is Divine Power
The process/element of fire
The process/season of summer

All is vibration because vibration is life itself.

Everything in the world inhales and exhales, rises and falls.

Vibration, Rhythm, the 4th Chakra & Sovereign Weasel un-enclosure stewarding

The Whole Universe is vibration. Nothing rests, everything moves. Everything that is in our 3D world is pure vibratory energy. The Universe has no solidity. All matter is energy in a state of vibration.

All is eternal vibration because vibration is life itself.

The law of rhythm is also the law of the pendulum. Everything flows. Everything rises to form and falls/dissolves into formlessness. The pendulum swing manifests in everything. The measure of the swing to the right, is the measure of the swing to the left. The measure of the rising swing, is the measure of the descending swing.

Rythm compensates

 The 4th Chakra is your central powerhouse of your human energy system. 

This Chakra teaches us how to BE love and compassion, and recognize that the most powerful energy is LOVE.

Love helps us heal ourselves, others and mother earth.

No matter what the circumstances are, always meet everything and everybody with love.

Sovereign Weasel un-enclosure stewarding

The weasel has an incredible amount of energy and ingenuity. Weasel can confound the Great Spirit, pick the Great Spirit’s pockets and then leave Great Spirit contemplating it’s Divine naval.  Can you say Robin Hood?

Un-enclosure Stewarding

In England, the industrial revolution became possible because peasants were forced off the land that they had tilled for centuries by “rich landowners” who wanted to convert that land from subsistence farming to the “more profitable” growing of sheep, cattle, and horses.

This process which has continued for over 2 centuries is called “Enclosure”.

The Bankers encourage the purchase-enclosure  by the “wealthy’ of large masses of land, or now with the new “green deal” to put more land into “wilderness”, as well as encouraging “developing” countries to enclose their lands for the production of valuable export crops  in order to stabilize their economies and pay back their debts to the bank.

The simple sacred truth is that neither land or water can be owned by anybody. We can steward the garden, leaving it better than we found it for the benefit of our next 7 generations!

Plants and animals have become extinct because of the enclosure of land and water. The commoditization of fictional “commodities”.

Your indigenous roots can tell you that plants, animals, and trees, all of nature does better with human interaction.

Sovereign Weasel un-enclosure stewarding (trust) is here for you, to invest your land, never commoditizing it again, for the purpose of ushering in 1000 years of True Freedom, harmony & prosperity for all.