The Lost law
The 3rd Chakra
The Sacred Truth: Honor yourself

The processes/elements: water, earth and fire
The processes/seasons: winter, summer and the season transition times

The Lost Law

Personal power and manifestation. Sovereign Owl Health

This law is the dynamic of CARE

What you care about on a daily basis is the driving force of your thoughts and actions. Care is the ultimate generator of the quality of your life experiences. Aligning yourself with Divine Will-the true will power.

What you care enough about to put your will behind is ultimately what gets created in our world. Our world is the way it is right now because most women and men do not care enough to change it through their actions. Most women and men are still waiting for the external Savior to come and redeem them, or are busy purchasing the next best Savior.

The third Chakra is your personal power energy. How you feel about yourself, whether you trust and respect yourself determines the quality of your life, and your ability to succeed in your self healing, relationships and intuitive skills.

When you choose your soul and spirit over the illusions of physical circumstances, your life will be re-ordered. With every choice you make you either become more involved in this 3D materialistic, illusory, dead earth holographic world, or you invest your all into the power of living in your Spirit-ual power.

The process/movement of water is inwards, and can be seen best in the process/season of winter.

The process/movement of fire is outwards and can be most easily seen in the process/season of summer.

The process of earth is unique in that it doesn’t have a direction of movement, it is neutral and acts as the axis/fulcrum around which everything else moves.

It is the facilitator of the transitions between seasons. The ancient Chinese classic the Nei-jing tells us that the transition between seasons is the last 18 days of each season.

We see this in the erratic patterns that seem like nature can’t make up her mind!

The stronger your spirit becomes the less authority linear/machine time can exercise in your life.

Your intuition and independence that swirls from your third chakra together give you the capacity to take risks, follow your gut hunches and say yes to the call of ushering 1000 years of True Freedom, peace and prosperity for all.

Sovereign OWL Health

When you define yourself by the roles you play, and your wounds, your burden and lose your physical and spiritual energy, and open yourself to the risk of dis-ease.

You are not meant to stay wounded.

Any disease can be healed in a matter of days. ANY disease. If you can distract yourself from the diagnosis, and allow a different vibration to dominate. Healing time depends on how willing you are to let go of woundology and diseaseology.