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Happy Equinox!

As we earth humans spin in space, the sun in its journey reaches 0 degrees, on the celestial equator. Astronomers have developed a lattitude/longitude system in the sky, to help us understand the Univ...

On my mind today

Well.. it’s been awhile since I last posted! My intention was to blog weekly, but .. that didn’t happen. Since my last post, you will notice that everything on the website says “Trus...

Greetings! Fellow Earth school humans!

Today I issue a call for the real warriors to stand up. The real warriors for the future of humanity. Now more than ever, your heart, your presence, your power is needed to ancestor your next 7 genera...

Healing ourselves is the best way to heal the world

This article is currently being developed. We invite you to come back soon to read it!

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